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Backing up your computer is essential if you have data that you don't want to lose. Choosing the right backup software is essential and we suggest to not only use Windows Backup but to perform a second backup on files that you don't want to use. Windows Backup is best for ensuring that if your copy of Windows becomes corrupt or needs to be moved, it can be restored easily, however a second layer backup of your files and data is suggested.

Any files you want to keep you should store onto a cloud, flash drive or secondary external hard drive.

Depending on your skill level you may choose from different types of backup software. Some will be more assistive and run on a schedule while others will use a more hands on approach. It is recommended that depending on how important your data is to run automatic and manual backups as well as have copies in multiple locations.

Common Questions

How often should I backup my computer?
It is a good practice to allow your computer to perform regular backups either once a week or once a month dep...

Should I backup my computer and files at the same time?
Backing up your files and backing up your computer should be viewed as two separate tasks. This is arguably th...

How often should I backup my files?
You should backup your files whenever critical data is added to your folders. If you go a month without adding...

Should I use automated software to backup my important files?
The answer to this one is Yes and No. Yes you can use automation if you have other copies of your data, howeve...

How can I perform a manual backup?
A manual backup is an easy operation to complete. If you don't have too many files you can just drag and drop ...

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