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Escitalopram Oxalate
Escitalopram Oxalate is an orally administered selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). You can get Escitalopram Oxalate in tablet form and some of the inactive ingredients are talc, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose/colloidal silico...
Health > Medications > Escitalopram Oxalate

Epipen 2-Pak
Epipen 2-Pak helps in narrowing blood vessels and at the same time allows air to the lungs. The effects of Epipen 2-Pak can bring various types of side effects and allergic reaction. People who get insect bites, stings, drugs, foods and different types al...
Health > Medications > Epipen 2-Pak

Eloxatin is a cancer treatment drug that helps in reducing the spread and growth of cancer related cells. For rectal and colon cancer treatment, Eloxatin is one of the best medication available. The generic name of Eloxatin is oxaliplatin and it comes in ...
Health > Medications > Eloxatin

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