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Medications are used to treat health problems. Most medications have known side-effects however when used right medications can help to make your life more managable to to treat an illness. Always consult your doctor and physician when experiencing side effects or if the medication you are taking does not seem to help.


AccuprilActivaseAcyclovirAdderall XRAdvair HFA
AlimtaAloxiAltaceAmbien (Zolpidem)Amphetamin Salt ER
AndrogelAsacolAtorvastatin CalciumAugmentinBactrim
BalcofenBenadrylBenicar (Olmesartan)Benicar HCTBiaxin
Buspar (Buspirone)CaduetCarvedilolClaritinClonidine
CoumadinCyclobenzaprine HCIDetrolDilaudidDopamine
EloxatinEpipen 2-PakEscitalopram Oxalate
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