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The internet is made up of a collection domain names, each hosting its own content and information. Domain names are used to mask IP addresses and make the internet more usable. A domain name usually ends with .com, .net, or .org however many different domain extensions have become available since the internet first began. The reason for making new extensions available is that the .com extension has become over-crowded with developers and investors purchasing every name combination possible with the intention of developing them in the future or selling them for profit.

Countries each also have their own domain name extension including .us for the United States, .mx for Mexico, for the United Kingdom, .de for Germany, etc. There are a lot of extensions available but it has only been just recently that a multitude of premium extensions have become available. These premium extensions include .work, .shop. .guru, .fish and more.

The prefix of the domain name is entirely customizable. This is where the developer needs to get creative to find the domain that is most suitable for his or her website. A prefix can be any word however not include special characters except a hyphen between words or letters.

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