The internet for the general public started out as a small group of websites, many of these linked to each other. Eventually, a better way of linking came about and Top Site Lists were created. These Top Site Lists were a great way to pass traffic back and forth between sites. The most popular sites would normally rank higher than other sites as they contributed more traffic to the list and would be ranked higher. Shortly after that the Yahoo Directory went into development. This offered surfers a new way to keep track of sites and to browse and search through the hand build directory.

The internet continues to change and evolve day by day. In the beginning, most websites were created with HTML documents. Since then, the programming involved in creating a web page has become greatly more complex. A single web page request in modern times may require 5 or 6 different langues to complete the request. These languages might include PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJax, and MySQL. As well, many web developers take on linux administration skills in order to keep their websites running efficiently.

Many big web sites come and sometimes they go. In most cases, when a titan is born, it is able to withstand the test of time but today's #1 site can in the blink of an eye be replaced by the next big thing. That's just the thing about the internet. One person or a small group can come up with an idea, put it into motion and literally take the internet by storm.


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