Solid State Hard Drives

Solid State Drives (SSD) are a new, faster replacement for the original Hard Drives with moving parts. Solid state hard drives are based on flash memory constructed of Random-Access Memory, the same component that goes into your computer and is commonly referred to as 'Memory'.

Computers that run on solid state hard drives see a large increase in performance as software applications and operating systems can boot up many times faster than the traditional hard drive. As well a SSD is likely to be more reliable, less prone to breakage and have a longer life span.

Prices have recently begun to drop on the cost of Solid State Hard Drives so it is advised when purchasing a new computer to make sure that the operating system is booting off of a SSD. It is a good idea (because of the expense of a large SSD) that if more space is needed, you may consider integrating a second traditional hard drive that has one or more terabytes of space. For the average consumer, this is more than enough space for music, photos and other data they collect or create.

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