Hard Drives

Both internal and external hard drives are used to store information on computers. Internal hard drives are more commonly used to store the users operating system, software, applications and other documents that they create which usually accumulate over time.

External hard drives are most commonly used to backup information or work as a platform to organize files and be able to move them easily from one computer to another. External hard drives are most frequently connected to computers with USB cables however in some cases may use Firewire or Sata.

Hard drives over the years have become more stable and robust leading to less frequent crashes and failures. However because the possibility of a hard drive failure is always possible, user's are advised to always have additional copies of important information.

Hard drives come in an array of different sizes, common hard drives in today's terms may be 500GB to 2TB or even larger.

Internal hard drives are most commonly connected to the motherboard by Sata II or Sata III cables. Sata III is now becoming more common as it offers a faster rate of data transfer.


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