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Internet Explorer is the flag-ship software supported by Microsoft Windows. Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows and was first released in 1995. Internet Explorer continues to be the most commonly used internet browser on desktop based computers however has lost some steam due to competition from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer can be downloaded freely and is most likely already installed on your computer if you are running Windows. IE as it is commonly referred to as will also update automatically during Windows Updates. These updates can always be rolled back if you need to use a previous version. This would most commonly happen in the work-place when a website becomes incompatible with Microsoft's newest browser and the website engineers would then work to have to get their website up to speed with the latest release. Until that happens, the user has to roll back their browser.

Most casual computer users browse the internet with Internet Explorer as they see little need to install a second browser and change their surfing habits.

In the mobile phone industry, because Windows phones take up a small share of over-all market share, Internet Explorer takes up a very small percentage of the total usage. We may see this change some in the coming years as Microsoft continues to strive to offer cloud based services that span across multiple platforms including your Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop Computer and even your TV through the XBox One game console.

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