Music is a beautiful thing that can stir up emotions in anyone. Depending on what you are listening to you might feel happy, sad, or even angry. Many of us grow up listening to music, establish our favorite bands, go to shows and even end up letting our lives around what we listen to. Music is something that cannot be easily matched. A painting is worth a thousand words but a song can stir up emotions unlike anything else.

Many musicians play multiple instruments or have a great natural talent with one. These gifts of being able to hear notes and perform them in a sequence that lends itself to others ears is and always will be a great and unique art.

Music goes back to the beginning of time as we know it and lends itself all the way into modern days. How much has music changed since? You could argue, not much and at the same time, a lot. It could be thought of that music probably started with our voices and shortly after, drums. Then with the advent of strings and woodwinds. Our modern day music uses these same instruments and sounds however is now largely arranged with computers.

One thing for certain is that music we make evolves, sometimes slowly and sometimes it seems fast. But it is always changing from generation to generation.


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