Blood clots in lungs can be treated while taking Activase. This drug is also used to improve the function of heart or to help one survive after heart attack. For certain patients Activase can work to improve the recovery time and to reduce disability after going through a stroke. There are some other conditions that can be treated with Activase and that absolutely determined by the doctor.

Activase is the TPW or known as Tissue Plasminogen Activator. It helps to release the blood clot that occurs unwontedly. If you are allergic to any kind of ingredient used to make Activase, then you shouldn’t use this drug.

If you are currently experiencing an active bleeding (internal) or suffered from a stroke in the past, then also you need to stay away from it. If you are pregnant or a breast feeding mom, then you should consult with the doctor before taking Activase. If you are taking any dietary supplement or herbal supplement, then you must consult with the doctor before taking Activase.

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