Computers are a phenomenon that are used in everyday life by billions of people across the globe. In the United States the majority of white collar workers find themseleves sitting behind a computer for the majority of the day. In the classroom, they are becoming more and more prevelent and with the advent of tablet computers it can be expected that carrying heavy-weight books from classroom to classroom will eventually become a thing of the past.

Computers have an impact on all of our lives, have made life easier in anyway but also created some disconnect with physical activity and the outdoors. This is all a matter of the time though. Inside a computer you find numerous pieces of hardware and components that make the machines work and in this day in age, communicate with each other.

You can complete many tasks with computers, some of these things include book-keeping, graphic design, writing, chatting, email, social networking, design a home or layout a kitchen. There are few limits with computers, just don't expect it to go outside and throw a football with you.

Inside of the computer there are many customizable components including processors, memory, graphics cards, motherboards, hard drives and power supplies. Each one of these compenents is essential to the computer and installing the right parts can allow you to work in a fluent manner or with the wrong parts, leave you waiting.

If you still spend a lot of time waiting for your computer; get a computer with an i5 processor or better, use a solid state hard drive to boot your operating system off of, make sure you have adequate ram (8GB or more) and get an inexpensive (not too cheap though) graphics card to handle rendering.

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How to pick out a good Computer to Buy
How to Build a Computer

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