Eloxatin is a cancer treatment drug that helps in reducing the spread and growth of cancer related cells. For rectal and colon cancer treatment, Eloxatin is one of the best medication available. The generic name of Eloxatin is oxaliplatin and it comes in concentrate, solution and injection formula. For pregnant women, it is very much important to take doctor’s recommendation before taking this medication. You can get 50 mg, 100 mg or 200 mg of Eloxatin vials available at any drug store.

Side Effects:

Some people find that they get allergic reaction just after taking this injection in the vein. Tell your doctor, if you get any type of side effects like diarrhea, itchy feeling, confusion, breathing problem, feeling dizzy, facial redness, chest pain and others. In such situation, you need an emergency medical assistance and should stop taking this medication. People having kidney problems, blood disorders, bone marrow problems, and nerve disorders should stop taking this medication.

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