Internet Programming

Internet Programming is in depth and constantly evolving. When the internet first started, most user's used HTML to display their web pages. To add some functionality they begin adding Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Javascript, CGI (Common Gateway Interface), and eventually CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP. There are many different languages that make up the internet and many different ways to deploy the same website. Every programmer is different and each will write their sites in their own "words".

To learn internet programming it is a good idea to get a few books for reference (this can make good  reading while away from your computer), a proper setup with a web host and domain, and the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor of your choice. Some editors are cheap or even free while others may come at a steep price. The programming editor you choose is entirely up to you, just be sure it supports the languages you want to code.


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