Random-Access Memory (RAM)

Random-Access Memory, more commonly known as 'memory' or 'RAM' is a type of computer storage that is utilized to decrease the amount of time it takes for the computer to retrieve frequently accessed bits of data. When a user inputs information into a computer or retrieves a file, it is stored into RAM. If the file is then closed out and opened again, it will most likely be opened faster than if it was the orignal time. If the orignal file was not stored into RAM and accessed from a hard drive with moving parts, it likely took more time to retrieve.

RAM also serves a primary function in how much a computer is data a computer is able to render at once. For example, when you open Windows on your computer there are many background functions to are utilized, these background functions consume RAM. The same goes for applications you open. If your computer is low on RAM and may be sluggish or slow.

How To's

How To Install RAM into your Computer

Common Questions

How much RAM can you install into a computer?
The amount of RAM you can install depends on the motherboard. It is a good idea to run a search on the model n...

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